Start Home Khans Contact Directions Payment Transport Video Terms + Conditions Imprint Nearly three decades ago, after what had been a most exciting and extraordinary day spent in the world-famous antique shops of London, my wife & I decided to enjoy a meal at the Indian restaurant, Khan's. Over the course of our delicious dinner, we discussed all of the rare and wonderful items of furniture we had discovered that day. Essentially, from that moment on, we've had a very special interest in Asian furniture and antiques. Five years later, we made our first trip to China, and our first impressions of this mangificent, ancient empire would last a lifetime. In 2001, I had the opportunity to revisit China, and also Mongolia, on a business trip. While there, I told my Chinese associate partners about my interest in Asian furniture and antiques, and they were very pleased to forward me some contacts. By thc end of my three-week long tour through China, I had purchased & was the proud, new owner of a container of antique Asian furniture. Shortly thereafter, we opened our new business, "Khan's," in Bremen. On the one hand, the name "Khan’s" originates from the Indian restaurant we enjoyed that day long ago in London. And on the other hand, we also connect the name with the warm hospitality of the Mongolian people we have met in our travels.  For them, the reverence for their former emperor, Ghengis Khan, remains as just strong as when he ruled in 1200 AD. Naturally, we chose the name "Khan's." Since 2002, we have made many trips to Asia.  Generally, we'll drive through the various provinces of China 2-3 times a year in search of appropriate furniture for our business (And clients/customers?). Once we find an item, it is refurbished specifically for us in Beijing and then shipped to Germany. Over the years, our searches have led us to many major provinces such as Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, but also smaller provinces like Shanxi. In addition, we've traveled to Tibet, Yunnan Province, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Our next journey, in December of 2010, will take us to Laos. As you can see, we have literally searched the world over for the kind of rare, special antique furniture and antiquities that eventually become "Khan's" antiques. "Khan's" of Bremen has been in existence for over 9 years now, and we still enjoy our journeys through Asia in search of Asian treasures as much as we did that very first day.